#NOTagsWithoutPermission is a campaign to request social networks to modify their policy regarding tags on pictures.

This campaign is promoted by FriendlyScreens in response to a clear need that affects the privacy of the user of social networks, particularly children and adolescents. It is also a natural step in the road to a safer “Internet environment” for the children.

The campaign seeks public support to convince the companies responsible of social networks to request permission before tagging others on the pictures.

A #NoTagsWithoutPermission Story: Cyberbullying via tagging on social networks:

FriendlyScreens’ YouTube Channel

FriendlyScreens is the English version of PantallasAmigas. PantallasAmigas is a Spanish initiative whose mission is the promotion of safe and healthy use of new technologies, and foster being a responsible digital citizen in children and teenagers.

More updates on : @dcyberbullying   Scoop.it   Facebook


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