We need you to #DeleteCyberbullying with us!

The Europe-wide cyberbullying conference, organised by COFACE
on May 28 in Madrid, gathered over 80 experts in the field from all over Europe.

The Final Report of the conference is available for download here:

The speakers’ presentations, videos and pictures are available on the conference’s page.

We have drawn many conclusions and learnt a lot, which will feed the #DeleteCyberbullying project work for the months to come. The next step of the project, building on the successes of this conference, will be to launch in November 2013 a European awareness raising digital campaign The Big March 2014.

We are also happy to inform you that we are currently working on the development of an smartphone application for teenagers, parents and teachers in the form of an interactive quiz. The app will be available next year. We are also creating an awareness-raising short video on cyberbullying.

For any questions, follow-up or interest in taking part in our awareness raising effort, you can always get in touch!

Please do not hesitate to share the report and the blog of the project http://deletecyberbullying.eu/ with other interested partners.

One last thing, as you know, #DeleteCyberbullying is an European Awareness Raising Campaign so we would be very happy to publish a guest blog from you on our blog.

Stay tuned, more up-dates about the project and other exciting milestones will come shortly your way!

More updates on : @dcyberbullying   Scoop.it   Facebook


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