Have your voice heard: join us in The Big March!

#DeleteCyberbullying tent

It is now almost a daily occurrence that we hear about a tragedy or a particularly cruel case of cyberbullying in the media across the European Union. As children and young people spend more and more time online in our hyper connected world, the shadow side of the internet is also known to more and more of us.

Cyberbullying is not only researched, but many organisations are doing excellent work in educating young people and parents, and offering a safe place to seek help and guidance. We believe however, that more needs to be done to tackle the global phenomena of cyberbullying. Governments and the European Institutions also bare responsibility in ensuring that the proper legislative framework is there to prevent cyberbullying, and that sufficient resources are allocated to organisations to support victims of cyberbullying through early detection and early intervention.

What better day to call on citizens to join our effort in asking the EU and Members States for more effective legislation, than the UN’s World Day of Social Justice, as Member States themselves have signed up and pledged their commitments to fighting inequalities, and helping the most vulnerable. Perhaps the fight against bullying could also deserve its own European Day.

As an integral part of the #Deletecyberbullying project led by COFACE, we are inviting you today to visit the Big March Park, read more about the issue, pledge your support, and ultimately join us in our virtual, on-line demonstration on the 11th June.

It is very easy to take part in our peaceful online demonstration: participants are invited to register on bigmarch.beatbullying.org and create a personalised avatar of themselves, and eventually join masses of other citizens across the EU in marching across some of the most well known websites on the 11th June.

Please also come and visit the #DeleteCyberbullying tent in the Big March Park, where you can see what our project is about, the short animated video in 9 languages, our infographics and the testimonies of young people.

We are calling for the right of children to be protected online! Create your avatar and join the #BigMarch here: bigmarch.beatbullying.org

To keep up-to date on the fight against cyberbullying, follow #deletecyberbullying on @dcyberbullying.


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