Exploring innovative and creative forms of combating discrimination online

On the 13th and 14th of March, the ICUD project (Internet: Creatively Unveiling Discrimination) organised a webstreamed conference on the theme of “Digital Discrimination and Social Networks“.

The ICUD project seeks to raise awareness and explore innovative and creative forms of combating discrimination online, by paying attention to hidden manifestations of discrimination. It is responding to an urgent need, as so far there have not been enough research and projects about the phenomenon at EU level.


The conference gathered academics, researchers, activists, youth workers, Internet and social networks experts, members of NGOs, knowledge providers and anyone interested in the issues surrounding discrimination on the Internet and especially social network sites. Several academics presented their latest findings in the field of online discrimination on social networks, alongside actors directly engaging in the prevention of discrimination at national level through awareness raising campaigns and activities with young people.

During the conference our colleague Martin Schmalzried had the opportunity to present the cornerstones of our #DeleteCyberbullying project:

1. EU wide conference on cyberbullying in Madrid
2. Virtual online demonstration ‘The Big March’
3. Awareness raising tools to reach teenagers, parents and teachers via an animated video and an Android app.

To get more information about the ICUD conference: http://digitaldiscrimination.eu/conference/


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