EU Survey on ‘Cyberbullying among young people’

Survey Cyberbullying
The European Parliament has commissioned the law and policy consultancy Milieu Ltd to deliver the ‘Research Paper on cyberbullying among young people’. The aim of this paper is to provide information on the scale/nature of cyberbullying among young people in the EU and on Member States’ legislation and policies aimed at preventing and tackling this phenomenon as well as on good practices in this area.

In the framework of this research, Milieu Ltd has contacted us to help them spread the word and disseminate the EU Survey on ‘Cyberbullying among young people’. The purpose of the survey is to collect the views of young people (between 12 and 21 years old) of cyberbullying and to test the good practices and recommendations identified through research at national level.

If you have between 12 and 21 years old, we invite you to fill in the survey (available in 10 languages):

Greek :

Thanks a lot for your cooperation!



  1. Tito de Morais

    Unfortunatly, the link to the survey in Portuguese points to another language. Can you check and let us know the correct link to the survey in Portuguese?

    • coface

      Hello Tito! You’re right. Sorry for this mistake. I’m going to provide you with the right link as soon as possible! Ana

      • titodemorais

        Thanks, Ana.
        Apparently there’s no Portuguese version.

      • coface

        Hi Tito! I have contacted the organizers and they said they will try to provide a translation, so, we still need to wait… Such a pity! Sorry!!

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