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New smartphone app aims to tackle cyberbullying (The Parliament Magazine)
#DeleteCyberbullying app launched (Ins@fe)
Gezinsorganisaties in actie tegen pesten (Gezinsbond)

The Big March
Behind the Big March
Manifestación online contra el ciberacoso (in Spanish)
The Big March is back (in Italian)

Safer Internet Day 2014
Let’s create a better internet together
News from our Bulgarian partner CWSP – Деня за безопасен интернет – под мотото „Заедно за по-добър интернет“
News from our Hungarian partner Kék Vonal – Biztonságosabb Internet napja
News from our Finnish partner Väestöliitto – Nettikiusaaminen on kaikkien asia

Our project in the press

School Counselor Blog

Cyberpesten : Zo raak je er van af! (in Dutch)

Primer propósito para 2014: poner fin al ciberacoso (in Spanish)

Welcome to my world Blog (1/1/2014)

Wow, A Super Simple Set Of Steps To Stop Cyberbullying From Happening To Your Kid, Upworthy (11/12/2013)

Loveland Magazine (2/1/2014)

ICT Nations (1/12/2014)

Cyberharcèlement: comment protéger mon ado?, Le  (21/11/13)

Defeating online porn and bullying through education, Euractiv (18/06/13)

European Conference on Cyberbullying, 28/05/13, Madrid

Errorismo tecnologico (in Spanish)

Cyberbullying is not only about technology but about behaviour

Radio interview, (in Spanish)

El ciberacoso no es sólo una cuestión de tecnología, sino de comportamiento, ASGECO (in Spanish)

Blog post by Richard Piggin, @BeatBullying’s Deputy CEO (in English)

Проект “Европейска кампания за повишаване на чувствителността по отношение на кибертормоза” (in Bulgarian)

Delete Cyberbullying Konferencián (in Hungarian)

Los expertos reunidos en la I Conferencia Europea de Ciberacoso denuncian que el abusos a menores a través Internet no es un asunto prioritario para los políticos, La (in Spanish)

A conferencia europea sobre ciberacoso reuniu en Madrid a preto de 100 expertos europeos (in Galician)

El ‘cyberbullying’ debe ser atacado desde las escuelas, La (in Spanish)

Cyberbullying: cuando dispositivos y redes sociales se usan para el acoso (in Spanish)

Centro Internet + Segura (in Spanish)

“De hecho, me había olvidado lo que se sentía al ser feliz” – Asociación de Telespectadores Radioyentes y Consumidores de Medios de la Comunidad Valenciana (in Spanish)

El ‘cyberbullying’ debe ser atacado desde las escuelas, mediante las “habilidades del siglo XXI, según expertos (in Spanish)

1 de cada 4 llamadas a líneas de ayuda a menores denuncia ciberacoso (in Spanish)

Conférence européenne sur le harcèlement en ligne de la COFACE. Le facteur humain au coeur des débats (in French)

Safety For School Blog European Conference (in English)

Teens share their experiences at European Cyberbullying Conference, InSafe (in English)

Los smartphones y las redes sociales hacen que el acoso escolar traspase las fronteras del colegio, convirtiéndose en una situación permanente, (in Spanish)

ICT Coalition (in English)

Link to the NonProfit Videos website


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