Cyberbullying has been getting more and more attention from the media, decision makers, industry players, and society as a whole over the last decade.

The most tragic consequences of cyberbullying driving teens to commit suicide have caught the media and the public eye’s attention. Parents are worried about their children being bullied via their mobile phones, teachers are often lost when it comes to their role and responsibility regarding cyberbullying acts happening outside of the school premises and fear that cyberbullying may disrupt the school’s positive learning environment and cause early school leaving, children and teens can feel powerless when faced with cyberbullying and often react counterproductively.

With the rise in the use of mobile technologies with permanent access to the internet, coupled with a sense of anonymity and lack of accountability, cyberbullying has been affecting a substantial number of people including children, teens and even teachers.

Although scare mongering will not help address the issue, it is clear that there are vast arrays of measures that can be taken at each level (national and international law, school rules and
policies, teacher training, training of young people, children’s and parent’s awareness raising and empowerment campaigns…).

More information, read our Background paper

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Resources pages:


Twitter Safety Center: Safety tips for teachers

YouTube Safety Center: Resources, tools and tips

Facebook Family Centre: Information, tools and resources

Insafe Network Resources: Click on here to find out more

BeatBullying: Anti-bullying Teaching Resources


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